Unlocking the black box of “political will”

Last but not least, a rather important issue to keep in mind when issuing policy proposals is their political feasibility, which basically means putting oneself in the decision makers’ shoes in order to understand their reality and particular constraints that may prevent them from carrying on the desired reforms. However, Dialogue Hosts should avoid adopting broad-brush assumptions about the willingness of political actors to undertake some reforms.

The purpose of the dialogue is precisely to unlock the black box of “political will”, which often serves as an excuse to preserve the status quo, by pushing decision-makers to engage into a rational debate, where their arguments can be met with counterarguments and the alleged limitations and shortages can be compensated through collaboration and joint action.

↪ At the end of the day, this is what the Roadmap for Reform is all about: a working document that reflects the shared vision of the stakeholders and that outlines the different actions that they commit to undertake in order to implement it.

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