19. International Peer to Peer support

Type of tool: Capacity development and Cooperation & networking.


Expanding horizons and learning lessons from other countries while integrating the international dimension into the policy reform at stake. This is usually better achieved when the experiences that are being analyzed are presented by fellow professionals with a similar background and a common understanding of the constraints that usually affect public bodies.


Learning from others through international comparisons can provide very useful evidence on what could and wouldn’t work in practice, as it allows the stakeholders to visualize the pros and cons of implementation mechanisms in other –preferably similar– contexts. By becoming aware of relevant developments in other countries and accessing valuable sources of practical ideas and knowledge, the participants will be able to assess the feasibility of the reforms that they’d like to promote, as well as the kind of challenges that they may expect during policy implementation.


  • Better understanding of the kind of challenges that may arise from policy implementation.

  • Access to international networks of peers that could offer guidance and support on a regular basis.

  • Identification of potential risks that could have otherwise gone unnoticed.

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