Democracy support organisations

Democracy support organisations can take a key role in INSPIRED processes, as they can provide peer-to-peer support to the various domestic stakeholders involved in the process. Within the EPD network, extensive experiences in all the layers of programming democracy helped to conceptualise a new way to conduct such activities, achieving what the donors and partners aim for. The uniqueness of EPD’s members' competencies covers all the areas that compose democracy, with specific sectoral knowledge, habit and ability to cooperate in achieving tangible progress. Combining their competencies, EPD members build effective Consortiums able to deal with the complexity of the political and social processes. When approaching democracy support together, EPD network unveils proposals potential in analysing in-depth how activities can produce the intended results.

That's why, regardless of the policy area INSPIRED projects may target, there will always be a relevant EPD member to assist with its expertise, for instance, but not limited to, working on governments' transparency, rights-based reforms, media dialogue, civil society capacity strengthening, etc.

Both the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy and the Club de Madrid have a long track record in supporting domestic stakeholders along INSPIRED processes.

The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) assists political parties in new and emerging democracies. The organisation’s approach is characterised by facilitating dialogue. NIMD provides safe environments for political parties in a country to meet, overcome distrust and work together on political issues. In addition, NIMD also works directly with parties to strengthen their capacities and provides education programmes for potential politicians. NIMD works in more than 20 countries in Africa, Latin America, The Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe.

The Club de Madrid is the world's largest, independent group of democratic, political leaders, committed to addressing the challenges of democratic transition and consolidation where they can make a difference. The principal added value of the Club de Madrid is a unique membership of nearly 100, democratically elected, former Presidents and Prime Ministers, from over 60 countries, willing and able to share their diverse expertise, experience and networks in support of democratic values and leadership worldwide. As former Presidents and Prime Ministers, no longer in public office, Club de Madrid Members are not politically constrained and thus freer to share their experience and offer strategic advice.

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